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Patricia Bara
Maxi Del Campo
Anartz Miguel

MECCA Recording Studio


“Hear, see and feel everything, right down to the very last detail”

This is a large and comfortable room covering a surface area of 66m2 in the shape of a truncated wedge.
Absolutely nothing in the control room design was left to chance as we worked to combine functional efficiency with aesthetic harmony. The architecture of the room makes for excellent linear response resulting in a highly precise and pleasant listening environment. With our bar set at achieving excellent quality of sound, our control room was designed according to the Improved LEDE system and includes a Reflection-Free Zone (RFZ). Worthy of particular mention are the rear wall and the ceiling, which are fitted with QRD sound diffusing panels.

A space conceived with such care wouldn’t shine as it should if it didn’t come with the best in technological equipment. Our principal technical material therefore consists of a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality desk, main ATC monitors and a Pro Tools HDX system, added to a wide and varied selection of auxiliary material. All of this makes our control room an ideal environment for both recording and mixing.