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Patricia Bara
Maxi Del Campo
Anartz Miguel

MECCA Recording Studio


“Recharge your batteries”

In order to be able to give our best and get through the often marathon recording sessions, we know that we have to take a break every now and then to recharge our batteries. That’s why at Mecca Recording Studio we’ve taken great care with what we consider to be simply another part of our work: resting.
Our lounge has more than 100m2 distributed over two levels. Here you’ll find a number of different spaces to rest with your bandmates; either that, or you can find a quiet corner to help you get into the zone.
When designing this room, as we did with the rest of the studio, we endeavoured to make it as functional as possible while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. The furniture has been chosen to given an even greater feeling of comfort, thanks both to the soft sofas and chairs and to the visual harmony. We also decided to use wooden floors for added warmth, while helping us to convey that special sensation of feeling completely at home.

Lighting is another important aspect that will help you to unwind. That’s why we’ve fitted the lounge with lighting that’s softer and in warmer shades. You can also take advantage of natural daylight thanks to the several big windows which make this a bright, pleasant room during the day.
In our lounge, you’ll find everything you need to take a proper break from work: you can have a tea or coffee, or a few beers and something to eat while chatting, reading or listening to music. Everything you need to rest your body and mind before getting back down to work.