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Patricia Bara
Maxi Del Campo
Anartz Miguel

MECCA Recording Studio


“Where passion and inspiration come together”

The heart and soul of Mecca Recording Studio is the main room, which has a surface area of 120m2 and a volume of 750m3, and in this room our Bechstein piano takes pride of place.
The main room’s acoustic balance and tonal response are second to none, making the studio hugely versatile for different kinds of work; this means that we can record anything from a simple vocal melody to extensive musical formations.

Communication with the artist, and between all those involved in the recording process, is an absolute priority. That’s why we’ve fitted the main room with large viewing panels communicating with the control room and the spaces round it so that the musicians, the engineer and the producer can see one another to create the necessary synergies and achieve a genuine and exceptional all-round result.
Lastly, it is worthy of note that the main room receives natural light and is easily accessed, with an independent entrance for large pieces of equipment.